We’re excited to invite you to become one of our exclusive Cryoskin partners.

Click HERE to qualify for the trial period. We can go over the agreement on our next call.

Once your Cryoskin arrives you'll have 2 months of payments of $990.

A Cryoskin 4.0

1 bottle of Cryoskin Gel

After the $990 for two months, you have the option to start a month-to-month, no-commitment subscription of $2,200​/month


send the Cryoskin back and pay us nothing (just keep the box please)!

Subscription Benefits

Ongoing marketing collateral

We provide ready-to-print marketing content, including printable collateral and social media content. We also provide marketing support via webinars and courses.

Maintenance repairs/upgrades and support

If you happen to need any maintenance repairs or upgrades, our team is available to help you. We also offer technical support for your Cryoskin.


If you love Cryoskin and want to purchase it, you can do so at any time via buyout or financing (paying it off monthly). Alternatively, if the Cryoskin is not a fit, or no longer a fit, you can return it, free of charge. Yes, even in 6 months!

Buyout Credit

If you decide to keep your Cryoskin past the trial period (50% of your monthly subscription fees) can be applied toward a future purchase of your Cryoskin. That percentage also applies if you decide to switch to financing the device (paying it off monthly).

Cryoskin Treatments


CryoSlimming® uses the application of alternating heat and cold temperatures in order to stimulate and encourage the natural process of releasing fat cells through the lymphatic system. The massage wand is applied using a specialized technique in a localized area, such as the abdomen, thighs, or hips, in order to naturally and painlessly slim, shape, and contour. 


CryoToning® uses cold massage to smooth, lift, and firm skin, reduce the appearance of imperfections, and improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance.


CryoFacials use cold temperatures to increase blood flow and oxygen, which helps to reduce the signs of aging while also providing brightening, contouring, and lifting. CryoFacials are a natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

Before & After Results




Other Resources

Curious how Cryoskin combines with other treatments?

Interested in reading about our clinical trial?

Treatment Pricing

$ 0

Face Single Treatment

$ 0

Body Single Treatment

$ 0

Face 5 Pack Treatments

$ 0

Body 5 Pack Treatments

Above are the recommended treatment prices. Pricing Minimums are $175 for the body and $125 for the face.

Remember you want to focus on selling packages as it best serves your customers.

More than 90%  of partners choose to continue beyond the trial; of those, more than 94% remain with us long term.

Number of Months to Achieve $25K

Analysis of 100+ Partners

No Data Found

79% of all partners generated $25K+ within 6 months of launch.

Average Revenue Per Month

Analysis of 100+ Partners

No Data Found

Average Revenue By Month

Analysis of 100+ Partners

No Data Found

Average partners can expect $78K/year.

Return on Investment

Once you qualify and sign up, your Cryoskin will arrive in 4-6 weeks.

While you're waiting for your Cryoskin to ship, the following is required:

1. Sign up for your Onboarding Orientation.

You must attend the Onboarding Orientation and pass ACH within 14 days of the signed agreement. The orientation will be a meeting to discuss everything you need to know about your Cryoskin.

2. Register for and obtain your Cryoskin certification.

During your Onboarding Orientation, you will be told how to register for training. The training is a 2-hour online course, as well as a face-to-face 1-day training at a regional training center. The training will walk you through the technique, science, and treatments of Cryoskin. You will receive an official certification of completion at the end.

3. Start your pre-marketing!

We provide 'done-for-you' and 'ready-to-use', marketing content to pre-promote the service, even before the device ships. During the Onboarding Orientation, we will explain how to post on Instagram and Facebook, and how to use ready-to-print collateral, such as posters and brochures. The goal is to start selling packages as soon as your Cryoskin arrives!


It takes 6 weeks to receive your Cryoskin after you sign up. While you are waiting for your Cryoskin, you pay nothing. (If your personal credit is such that you owe a refundable deposit, it is due upon signing up).

Step 1 – Sign on with us. 

Step 2 – You and your staff attend a 1-day, 6-hour training (for free) at any of the following training locations: 

Note: Training is 10 hours if you sign up for a Cryoskin 4.0.

Cape Girardeau, MO

Shreveport, LA

Jasper, IN

Miami, FL

Colleyville, TX

Sarasota, FL

Highland Park, IL


Salinas, CA

Wexford, PA

Waxahachie, TX

Columbus, OH

Erie, CO

Los Angeles, CA

Agawam, MA

Charlotte, NC

Reno, NV

650+ on Experian. We do a soft pull credit check, so there’s no effect on your credit score. Promise! See if you qualify for a no deposit, risk-free trial by clicking HERE.

Cryoskin 4.0

650 and above

No deposit





Sub 579


All deposits are 90% refundable, accounting for the cost of restocking. The deposit is refunded once the device is returned in the same condition it was sent, aside from normal wear and tear. In the case of a buyout, 100% of the deposit is applied to the end cost of the device.

Over 6 weeks before delivery, you’ll want to do your best to prepare for a successful launch of Cryoskin. Post/print the ‘ready-for-you’ marketing content, attend online training and set up your treatment room to make it welcoming for your (hopefully!) new clientele.

If you don’t love your Cryoskin, or it isn’t profitable, send it back, we’ll pay for shipping. If you do love it, you can feel free to continue with a no-commitment, month-to-month subscription, or you can purchase your Cryoskin outright or switch to financing the device (paying it off monthly).

You can decide to switch to financing or purchasing outright anytime, whether it be right after your free trial or several months into your subscription. This also applies to canceling your subscription – as a subscriber, feel free to send the device back at any point if the device no longer serves you. There is no penalty.

The monthly subscription Cryoskin 4.0 is $990 + sales tax for months 1 & 2 and $2,200/month + tax thereafter. This includes all of the subscription benefits.

There are two models of the Cryoskin available, Cryoskin 3.0 and Cryoskin 4.0.  Cryoskin 3.0 utilizes a manual wand with a massage technique to slim the body and smooth the skin.  Cryoskin 4.0 contains all of the capabilities of the 3.0, plus a suite of hands-free static applicators and electrolymphatic (EMS) drainage pads.  With the 4.0, the body contouring technician can set the client up and leave the room.

One 10 pack of body treatments would cover the cost of the Cryoskin 4.0 subscription: $2,200 + sales tax.

Each month, starting the 20th of the second full month, you can use either ACH or a credit card to pay the subscription fee. 

None! We cover the costs of shipping to you (and back to us if you choose to return your Cryoskin). Training is free as well for you and your staff.

The only potential fee would be if you decided to return your Cryoskin and lost/threw away the packaging your Cryoskin arrived in. That packaging is $250, so make sure you keep the box it came in just in case you do need to return your device.

Yes. We like to think of our no-risk, month-to-month subscription program as a ‘Try Before You Buy’ option, but if you want to go straight to buying or financing, feel free to let us know. You won’t get the perks of a subscriber, but we have financing available and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Cryoskin 3.0 costs $24,900 to buy outright and the Cryoskin 4.0 costs $39,900 to buy outright.

We’re so confident in Cryoskin that we give our partners the ability to try Cryoskin for a full month, risk-free! Our guarantee – If you don’t absolutely love Cryoskin, you are welcome to return it at any point, free of charge. Just keep the box it came in!

Fill out the soft pull credit check. Once that’s done, we will send you an agreement to review. In the agreement, it will show whether or not you would owe a deposit, depending on your Experian score. We are happy to walk you through the agreement over the phone to make sure you feel good about everything! If you’re still not sure, feel free to text or call the executive that sent this link to you with any questions.

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