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Leah Eber

iCRYO Fort Wayne

“Since launch (July 2020) we’ve generated $81,276 for Cryoskin sales, and in Jan 2021 alone we sold $17,450.

We increased marketing endeavors on Facebook and Instagram, also word of mouth. We launched monthly deals, made a routine of introducing Cryoskin during all scheduling conversations with iCryo guests and social media promotion.”

Alberto Gutierrez Testimonial

Alberto Gutierrez

Cryo Studio Sarasota

“Each of our Cryoskin machines generates over $250K per year; even in 2020 during Covid we were just shy of our usual revenue.

In 2021 we are on pace to double that figure. The key is to take responsibility for your business, work hard and keep educating your self on how to improve yourself and your business. Set out ambitious goals and go get them. We put systems in place to bring leads in every single day.”

nagia success

Nagia Garmo

Nagia’s Beauty Bar

“Doubled my revenue bringing an extra $6K-$7K a month.

I came across Cryoskin, took the training and like the results! We grew by advertising through Facebook with Brandon [Redfined Marketing Solutions]. Advertising helps! Post before/after results on social media.”

Michele Ayers

Restore Lancaster

“We made $50,000 in Q4 of 2020.

As a Restore franchisee, we took the advice of corporate after they had trialled Cryoskin. We grew from word of mouth, onsite events, email, facebook and more recently the use of an advertising company.”

Jennifer Zmiewksi

Heavenly Day Spa

“We made $55,000 in revenue in 2 months!

My Cousin in Paris, France convinced me to look at Cryoskin, and I loved the fact that Cryogenics is a proven Science and it does so much for our health while being natural and non-invasive. I love the value and the lack of downtime for my clients! I grew my revenue from telling my previous clients about it and then added FB advertising and it just took off!”

Josh Brown & Sarah Anderson

CryoNation Wellness

We paid off the Cryoskin machine in 3 months.

You must invest in your marketing… we doubled our investment in 2020. When other businesses were scaling back, we invested more into our marketing. We ramped up our staff training too. And as 2021 started, we are still increasing our marketing spend. Marketing is the key for your business!”

John & Windy Zabojnik

Texas Cryoworks

“When we added Cryoskin in June 2018, it was the first time our business was profitable.  2020 was best year yet, revenue up 25% over 2019.

Figured there was little risk with rental. Took the chance, and  it’s been profitable since 1st month. It’s our largest revenue modality ever since. We started with Word of mouth, existing customers, social media. We added print ads, partnered w/local gym & chiro. We  added a highly successful partnership with Patient Rhino for social media ads program.”

Alice Davis

Touch of Life

“Right now we are averaging $20-$30,000 per month.

We started advertising about having the Cryoskin machine in our facility with no takers… I was ready to return my machine, as I could not afford to keep paying for a machine that was not bringing in any revenue.  Then Windy, our trainer told me about Patient Rhino for generating leads.  Then Artemis had Nick from Patient Rhino on one of the monthly calls, and I called them.  It has been very profitable since then.”

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