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Cryoskin is available on our monthly subscription service or you can purchase it outright.  If you sold just one
Cryoskin treatment everyday for five days, you would cover your subscription.

To help with your purchasing decision, we’ve illustrated the payback and ROI potential below.

Cryoskin 3.0

$ 1000 +sales tax

Monthly Subscription

One session per day = positive ROI in 5 days

$ 24000


One session per day = positive ROI in 72 days

*With the treatments priced at $350 (our recommended pricing)

Cryoskin 4.0

$ 1000 +sales tax


One session per day = positive ROI in 7 days

$ 24000


One session per day = positive ROI in 114 days (about three months)

*With the treatments priced at $350 (our recommended pricing)

Now imagine that you do more than one session per day!  
The ROI potential could be much more… 

ROI Example

Five 5-session packages
Two 10-session packages
Monthly revenue
Cryoskin 3.0 subscription


*At $1400/month this is 8x ROI

How a business can grow with Cryoskin.

Miranda Justiniano

Ohio Cryo

Miranda Justiniano is the owner of Ohio Cryo. She purchased Ohio Cryo from another owner in 2017.

When Mirando bought Ohio Cryo, she decided to gear the services not only to health and wellness, but also beauty.


Week 1: $10,000

Lowest profit week: $47,000

Highest profit week: $67,000

How Cryoskin impacted her business

Miranda brought Cryoskin into her business 6 months after purchasing Ohio Cryo.

“Cryoskin was very unique to me because 1) you didn’t have to have a medical director, and 2) the cost point for the client was much more affordable.”

Cryoskin helped to grow Ohio Cryo.

“When we brought Cryoskin in it became so popular that it actually launched us into getting another unit and eventually growing into our own storefront. It helped our business and helped it to grow to what it is today. Cryoskin is always our sweet spot and it’s the one constant thing in our business, even through Covid, that has helped us maintain and grow.”


“Right before we decided to go Cryoskin, we were probably about 1 credit card swipe away from losing the business.”

“At that time I knew if I had a modality like Cryoskin it would help turn the business around, and I knew it was something I could offer clients that they would be interested in. Being able to get the machine with basically no commitment is really what saved that part of the business.”

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