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Perfect for owners of spas, salons, chiropractic clinics, beauty bars, massage therapy and cryotherapy centers.

The first no upfront investment monthly subscription model that provides you the equipment and support you need to take your business to the next level with zero risk.

Three Modes. One device.


What we provide

Free trial period

To help our partners get started and make sure their customers love Cryoskin, we provide a free 4-week trial period so they can generate revenue fast with no risks.

Cancel any time

We're so confident in Cryoskin that we let our partners cancel any time, no questions asked. We even cover the cost of shipping if they return.

Marketing content

Our partners get access to social media content, website creation, landing pages, before and after photos, education, owner training, and promo videos.


Join our Community of 1000+ partners for webinars and on our Artemis Facebook Group: a place to collaborate with and learn from other partners.

No upfront costs

Our no upfront cost, monthly subscription model, allows our partners the chance to upgrade, purchase, or return their Cryoskin whenever they choose.

Expert Training

Once you've been onboarded, you'll work with our expert training team to complete virtual and in-person training sessions at no cost to you.


CryoSlimming® uses cold temperature applied via a handpiece to safely slim the body. It is a completely non-invasive session that triggers apoptosis to permanently destroy adipocytes (fat cells). 

Unlike other products that use suction or uncomfortable heat,
Cryoskin is painless and relaxing.

“CRYOSKIN freezes fat cells in stubborn areas in 30 minutes! I’ve tried Thermage and Coolsculpt before with little results. But after one session of Cryoskin, I lost 1.5 inches immediately off my waist and saw definition on my stomach. The best part is thats it’s painless with absolutely no downtime. I left their office walking on air and feeling good! I’m looking forward to my next session and can’t wait to see the results in each continuing session.”

-Hanh L.


With CryoToning®, there’s finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite. 

When diet and exercise aren’t enough, Cryoskin will help you to achieve the look you’ve been striving for.

“First Cryosliming and Cryofacial I saw a big change which has increased with each visit. The shape of my stomach and consistency of cellulite has changed for the better. My face looked more refreshed and was noticeable to friends.”



A Cryoskin facial uses cool temperatures to widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improves skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

“My CryoFacial was amazing! It was relaxing and cool. (Not too cold) Best part was I saw results right away! Great for a toned and lifted look.
Can’t wait for my next CryoFacial!!”

-Taryn Strand

Business owners love cryoskin

"Love our Cryoskin 3.0 machine! Better results than Cool Sculpting without any of the risks or possible side effects. Customer service has always been top-notch. This was a great investment to our clinic and patients love it! The results speak for themselves."
Newman Company
"Deciding whether or not to carry Cryoskin services in our center was very scary for us. We bought the 4.0 unit outright and have absolutely no regrets! Our customers absolutely love the results! The 4.0 machine itself is very well built and we have never had a single issue with it!"
US Cryotherapy Albuquerque
"The team at Artemis has been a pleasure to work with. We have provided both Cryoskin for many years now and I can confidently say it's quite an amazing service. We have hundreds of happy clients and look forward to continuing to work with Cryoskin more."
CryoPure Spa
"After a year of research and pondering, I finally purchased the Cryoskin I was very nervous because it was a very big life decision for me but Austin assured me that It would turn into a great investment because the results are outstanding! And he was right! I’m so impressed with the results my clients are seeing and it’s amazing to see my client's bodies transform! I hope to buy either my second machine or upgrade to the 4.0 in the future I highly recommend this company!"
Getting Gorgeous LLC
"We purchased the Cryoskin 3.0 from Austin Evans, I was very nervous because it was a big purchase but Austin assured me that we would make our money back plus more because the results were so fantastic from this machine! Well, he was right! We are so busy and it’s so amazing to see our client's bodies transform! We will be buying our second machine soon, I highly recommend this company!"
Redlands Blade & Lash
"Totally obsessed with CryoSkin! A few months ago I began a journey of fat reduction with CryoSkin then added facials. Wow!! The results are immediate and lasting!! My skin actually glowed after just one CryoSkin facial!! I talked my friend into trying the facial and slimming treatments. She loved it!! We were so obsessed with the results, we formed our new company, Glow, which offers CryoSkin services. Our company name inspired by how amazing our skin looks after a treatment!"
Glow TKO

Customers love Cryoskin

"I visited Mindful Moments Massage last week and had my first CryoFacial! It was relaxing, and didn't hurt at all. My skin has never been this smooth! I am a Platinum member at Ulta, and none of the products I was using produced the results of one Cryo Facial."
Amie Bashur
"Saw results after a few days! I found this to be way more effective than cool sculpting which I did a few years ago. I was so impressed by the staff that gave clear directions and concise explanations of what to expect."
Laura Quach
"I follow a healthy work out and diet routine but always struggled with the fat on my belly and love handles. After 4 Cryoskin slimming treatments I am down 4 inches and couldn’t be happier with the results. Also started getting compliments from people on how slim my waistline now looks."
Jessie Keeth
"Great service and great results Great service and great results. I did a cryo facial and it looks better than Botox. Super friendly staff that walked me through how it was working."
Molly Bruttonmesso
"I did 5 sessions!! Went from a size 12 down to a size 6 !!! Over the course of two months !!! This will NOT work for you I repeat will NOT work for you if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle and diet so you would waste your money still eating like crap and doing this !! You will not see results . Worth the money I’ve spent for this."
Jen Davis
"My before and after results were phenomenal!! I’m grateful for the opportunity to have come across this life-changing machine and for the chance to change my lifestyle."
Kristie Barkley
"Was really not sure what to think when I had it done but I Lost 1 inch on my first session! Love it! Would definitely recommend it!"
Dusty and Jason Wilkins
"Amazing results! I had my first treatment on my chin/ neck area...results are truly amazing! Highly recommended!"
Maricar Lorenzana
"Great service and great results Great service and great results. I did a cryo facial and it looks better than Botox. Super friendly staff that walked me through how it was working."
Molly Bruttonmesso

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